Spanish public television station RTVE (Radio Televisión Española) recently launched three new magazines in connection with its TV programs. Línea saludable (circ. 150,000), the official magazine of health program “Saber Vivir,” was launched in September by Ediprem Comunicación. Al Filo de lo Imposible, launched in October (monthly, circ. 100,000, 100 pages, retail price 4 euros or 4.80 euros), is a new magazine about the wilderness adventure program of the same name. Al Filo is published by Ediciones Sosiego (owned by Turismo & Aventura Ediciones) and marketed by RTVE. Novelas TV (weekly, circ. 150,000), launched in October by Editorial Espejo de Tinta covers the soap operas “Luna Negra” and “La Verdad de Laura.” These new publications were added to RTVE's six other publications – Muy Saludable (monthly, circ. 180.000), Jara y Sedal Caza (monthly, circ. 35,000), Jara y Sedal Pesca (monthly, circ. 30,000), Bricomanía (monthly 45,000), Música Sí (monthly, 45,000) and Así son las cosas (weekly, 50,000).


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