Esquire Spain launches and will also be distributed in Mexico, Argentina and Chile

Madrid based publishing house Spain-Media, launched the Spanish edition of Esquire last Thursday Sept. 20.

The magazine is published in Madrid and available in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. More Latin American countries may eventually be included. The initial print run is 100,000 copies. Open rate for a full page color is 100,000 euros (CPM 100 euros). The dollar/euro exchange rate currently is 1.4$/1 Euro.

Esquire in Spanish will focus on interesting people with something to say, and Woody Allen, who graces the magazine first cover issue, "is the prototype of what men and women see as an intelligent man, one whom they would like to meet for dinner and have a conversation with" Rodriguez told The Associated Press.

According to a study by Millward Brown, 50% of Spaniards consider Spanish men’s magazines to be overly sexual in nature. "We men have magazines that treat us as if we were walking American Express cards," said the editor-in-chief, Andres Rodriguez, who helped create the Spanish version of Rolling Stone magazine.

"For me it was very important to convince Hearst that a project like this cannot be absent from the Spanish-speaking world," Rodriguez said. Except for an interview with the actress Halle Berry, the content is all original, rather than translated from Esquire's English version. Editors of a Spanish edition Esquire talk to the newsroom of the U.S. edition in New York on a daily basis and also shares content with Esquire’s 16 other editions.

Spain Media is backed by Editorial Planeta and Grupo Godo (publisher of La Vanguardia in Barcelona). The company was created by its CEO Andres Rodriguez with the aim of launching  international successful magazines within the luxury category in the Spanish-speaking world. Rodriguez previously headed the magazine division of Grupo Prisa, whose magazines include: El Dominical and the Spanish and Mexican editions of Rolling Stone.

Esquire is not the onlyAmerican magazine that is currently being launched in Spain. In the next few months Vanity Fair will be introduced in Spain by Conde Nast.

Esquire is also published in China, Czech Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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