Efe News Services, the largest newswire agency in the Spanish-speaking world, signed a deal with Newscom, a company owned by Mainstream Data which provides content from a vast array of global sources. Through this non-exclusive agreement Efe will sell graphic content from Newscom and Newscom from Efe. The agreement is not limited to photos: Newscom will distribute English-language videos produced by Efe in English.

“This is a commercial alliance between Efe and Newscom through which Efe enriches its graphic offerings with specialized collections”, says Marcela Romero, Marketing Coordinator at  Efe News.  “The addition of images from Newscom together with Efe’s own images and other strong partners like Zuma Press and Index Stock, allows Efe to offer a graphic platform that includes millions of images classified in more than 30 themes including News, Entertainment, Sports, Creativity, Health, Politics, International which strengthen our content offerings,” Romero concludes.

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