Yesterday, Edelman presented the results of the Global Trust Barometer. The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer measures attitudes about the state of trust in business, government, NGOs, and media across 25 countries.

In Latin America, the government trust decreased, but still leaves the region among the countries with the highest levels of trust in business.

Brazil also had an important trust decline, but according to Gail Becker, Chair Latin America, Canada & Western Region U.S. of Edelman, “Brazil’s massive trust decline actually had far more to do with last year, than with this one. You see, the 2011 Trust Barometer survey was conducted during a particularly jubilant time for the country, following a series of announcements that can only be referred to as a global trifecta: the awarding of both the Olympics and the World Cup coming to Brazil, as well as the election of a new president. The environment then was nothing short of euphoria when Brazil’s trust in business, government and media increased significantly. What we now see in our 2012 survey – as budgets were cut, inflation rose and corruption ran rampant in the Brazilian government – is the return of numbers to the country’s historical normal.”

As we said before, Latin America is one of the regions with more trust in business growth. To Becker, investment in the region, economic growth, better employment prospects and the rise of the working class are all clear indicators that business is the region’s driving force.

Media is the only institution to see trust increase globally over the past year. According to Edelman this fact is due to “the media is doing an excellent job in adding transparency to the financial crisis and government corruption.”

Despite this, in Latin America, Brazil and Argentina dropped their trust in media. But even with the decrease; the region is still in the upper third of countries most trusting of media and is the most trusting of traditional and online sources than any other region Edelman surveyed.


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