Direct mailing to Hispanics and Latin Americans

Direct marketing professionals with experience in the Latin American market may have an edge when it comes to targeting US Hispanics. Dan Austin, head of client services at Miami based Black Sheep, says response rates for his direct mail campaigns in Latin America have been between 1% and 5%, while response rates for his campaigns in the US Hispanic market hover between 0.4% and 1.2%. He notes that since Hispanics receive less direct mail than the general population, they tend to be more responsive to offers than their general market counterparts. “Latin Americans receive even less direct mail than US Hispanics, so their response rates are even higher.” Austin points out that most of his campaigns in Latin America were through affinity programs (frequent flyer programs, credit card issuers) which tend to get higher response rates compared to other direct mail solicitations. Austin has run direct mail campaigns for financial institutions and airlines, including American Express and American Airlines

He also notes that the reliability of the mailing system varies a lot in Latin America.

“Puerto Rico and Brazil function very well. In other countries, like Argentina and Mexico, metropolitan areas have much more reliable service than rural areas.”