DigitalReef’s Maurizio Angelone: “DR-One Has the Same Reach as Google and Facebook in Some Markets”

DR-ONE is DigitalReef’s  recently introduced software platform that integrates mobile advertising, marketing, and app engagement tools for mobile operators, OEMs, and application developers. Portada talked to Maurizio Angelone, CEO of Digital Reef, who states that DR-One can provide marketers a reach as deep as Google or Facebook in some markets.

DigitalReef, a leading global mobile advertising and marketing technology company, announced the availability of its integrated mobile advertising and marketing platform, DR-ONE. Through this platform, mobile operators, OEMs, and app developers can now implement and optimize their marketing strategies to reach, engage, and retain their users while optimizing their application business monetization goals.

DR-One can be an important tool for advertisers but also telco carriers, OEM’s and publishers.  “This is a big opportunity for carriers to leverage their massive user base. big operators and original equipment manufacturers in markets like Brazil, have the same reach as Google and Facebook, ” Maurizio Angelone, CEO of Digital Reef tells Portada.

Maurizio Angelone On How Dr-One Solves Marketing Challenges

DR-One is a 360 degrees MarTech innovation that solves marketer challenges including potential client discovery, acquisition, retainment and engagement and ultimately monetization, via third party advertising. This is a “platform with a very powerful intelligence behind the user base, about who the consumers are and what they do,” Angelone adds.

DR-One solves marketer challenges including client discovery, acquisition, retainment and engagement and ultimately monetization, via third party advertising.

DR One’s technology is embedded in each device (app) and OEMs (e.g. Motorola, Samsung) and carriers (e,g, Claro, Telefonica) can use it for their own purposes, e.g. map and track the consumer journey, but also monetize it via advertising. For advertising monetization they can also use DR salesforce. Between 30% to 40% of a carrier user base has an app.

DR-One driven technology has been able to obtain clickthrough rates as high as 9% and response rates as high as 20%. The initial release of DR-ONE has been implemented by Brazilian mobile virtual network operator, Veek. As part of this partnership, DR-ONE has provided Veek with the full capability to operate an adv-based offer for their user base across DR-ONE’s multiple solutions. “Because of its broad reach, better user engagement and monetization possibilities DR-ONE is an important resource for our expansion throughout the Brazilian market, and we see DigitalReef as a key partner in our growth strategy,” said Pablo Asenjo, Head of Business Development at Veek. “We are going to be able to offer a better experience to both our users and advertisers by using this technology.”

DR-ONE is a software platform that enables highly optimized device experiences combining notification, messaging, and rich media content with the interactivity of the smartphone experience enabling mobile operators, OEMs, and application developers to deliver relevant messaging and marketing experiences to their customers in the form of CRM messaging advertising, brand, and marketing support.

In addition to targeted rich media advertising and marketing, DR-ONE supports a suite of customer data platform tools that leverages DigitalReef’s sophisticated artificial intelligence engine to profile audience behavior. Audience intelligence and consumer insights provide advertisers with the ability to understand, profile, target, and engage any DR-ONE-enabled device. As part of the DR-ONE suite of tools, DigitalReef audience profiling tools is an indispensable tool that offers improved advertising and marketing relevance along with high conversion media opportunities.

Maurizio Angelone
Maurizio Angelone, DigitalReef CEO.

“The launch of DR-ONE is a breakthrough for the MarTech and AdTech industries, and more specifically, our carrier and publisher customers,” Angelone notes. “Through this integrated platform, our customers now have a single, integrated, end-to-end platform to help them accomplish their mobile advertising and marketing business objectives. It is also an important milestone for DigitalReef as DR-ONE will rapidly accelerate and scale the growth of DigitalReef across the Americas in terms of user growth and monetization.”

Scalable Big-Data SaaS Cloud Platform

Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, DR-ONE is a proven, scalable, and big-data SaaS cloud platform that delivers on four key monetization and engagement attributes that are important to our customers:

  • Mobile Advertising:  more than 10 premium formats including on-device, notification-based and in-app messaging providing support for display, video, app install and interstitial content, allowing direct content curation and high conversion while providing tools to optimize campaign budgets on the fly.
  • Mobile Marketing:  Directly manage mobile marketing KPIs and mobile application engagement goals by creating one-to-one or one-to-many custom marketing campaigns, identifying and personalizing messaging that is catered to a specific audience behavior, or optimizing messaging automatically with DR-ONE’s messaging suite.
  • Mobile Engagement:  Leverage DR-ONE’s analytical tools to understand customer behavior, user journey management, and click analytics, along with improving your mobile application user metrics.
  • SIM App Push:   One of the world’s first SIM-based messaging capabilities that provides on-device marketing and advertising support through a device’s SIM card or e-SIM technology. DR-One’s SIM App Push suite can be deployed over the air and has been fully tested and validated by the leading SIM Card Vendors globally.
DR-ONE will rapidly accelerate and scale the growth of DigitalReef across the Americas in terms of user growth and monetization.

Digital Reef is the result of the merger of five companies who offer a gateway to mobile targeting in Latin America.