Magazine and newspaper publishers are finding an increasing array of options to build circulation and advertising through publishing digital editions. A vivid digital version of a printed magazine can result in an enhanced version of an ink-and-paper product.

Scott Verchin, VP of Sales at Zinio, a San Francisco, CA, based company founded in 2005, tells Portada that by digitizing a magazine, publishers can leverage their existing content in three significant ways: First, they can more effectively sell subscriptions online. Second, they can significantly increase reader engagement by enhancing reader experience (e.g. by providing an online video of an interviewed person or by linking to former related articles via the current edition. Last but not least, digital editions of publications also offer advertisers increased exposure (for instance providing a  click-through to the advertisers website and/or streaming of a video showcasing a product, etc.).

“Our core business is to help our publishers sell digital subscriptions, individual copies as well as archives and special/custom issues of consumer magazines while simultaneously creating the highest level of reader engagement,” Verchin tells Portada. “The digital delivery adds to the print circulation and the audit of the publication will show this,” Verchin adds.

During the first week of May, Zinio, in partnership with Barnes & Noble for’s magazine section, launched a digital fullfilment service for all’s magazine offerings. Through this partnership, Zinio also made all of its digital titles available for sale on

Zinio is currently starting a Latin American and Hispanic initiative. It has digital newsstands for the Argentinean and Mexican market. It currently offers 28 Mexican magazines. One of its clients is Spanish celebrity magazine Hola. Other magazines targeting Hispanic audiences Zinio works with include Latina and Ocean Drive en espanol.

Another company in the digital solutions provider sector, Nxtbook, a Lancaster PA based company, is partnering with Medellin-Colombia based Mundologico S.A. which represents the company in the Spanish-speaking world. 

Digitize your Publication: How it works

ü      Publisher pays Digital Solution Provider a fee per digitized page (e.g. Activation of  table of content links, rich media, video-audio etc…)

ü      Digital Solution Provider often handles fulfillment (including e-mail notification) and charges fee per e-mail sent (each time a publication’s reader receives an issue on his/her computer or receives notice that an issue has been made available).

ü      Digital Solution Provider keeps 75% of revenues of e-commerce transactions (subscription purchase) done on its digital newsstand and 25% go to the publisher. If the transaction takes place on the publishers’ website the revenue share goes the other way around (75% for the publisher and 25%  for Digital Solutions Provider).




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