December is a month that seems to never end. It’s barely over, and we’re tired from switching between work and vacations and holiday celebrations with family and friends. The digital industry didn’t fall behind, either: here, I share a few of the month’s highlights for you to read from the beach or office.

Translated by Gretchen Gardner

ShowMe Buenos Aires

Gonza Arzuaga

At the beginning of December I attended the ShowMe Buenos Aires event, having been invited by Gonzalo Arzuaga, one of the pioneers of the Internet industry in Argentina.

Over seven hours (that flew by), we listened to the experiences of seven Internet entrepreneurs who told us about their successes (most of which came after various failures and important lessons). On top of being inspiring, the event (held in Buenos Aires since 2010) is ideal for those who want to start their own business, exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs and learn about the experiences of those who have “been there.” Thank you for the invite, Gonza! And keep us updated on your plans for 2016!

Growth Startups

Andy AlteriniAndy Alterini and Giselle Borau invited me to the Growth Startups office in Buenos Aires.
Growth Startups is an international growth hacking  startup specialized in the Latin American market that is led by a recognized team of experts in the digital industry.

Growth Startups’ speciality is the generation of digital strategies that help their clients (or partners) reach their goals through the implementation of certain techniques – as well as the expertise that can only be acquired after years in the industry.

These guys know what they are doing.

The Headway Holiday Party


As I told you in my last column, I was at Headway’ Digital’s holiday party at which they also celebrated the first five years of the company. Everyone was there, including clients and competitors. It was a very nice event, and the presence of the founders added a special warmth.

In the photo, I’m standing to the left, followed by Marcos Christensen (country manager at comScore for the Southern Cone), Alejandro Fishman (country manager at Yahoo!), Martin Kogan (CEO and co-fundador at Headway Digital), Javier Montanaro (VP of sales at Headway Digital), Matias Charas (ex AdFunky, Batanga) and Mariano Burstein (ex Yahoo!, AdFunky, Batanga).

To many more years of success!

New Faces at Logan

Paula LImaLogan recently opened an office in Brasil, naming Paula Lima the general manager and Emilio Moraes Ruffo as sales manager. Both held similar roles at IMS, and have vast experience in the digital industry. Good luck to both of you!

ComScore Event

The Futuro Digital Argentina 2015 event, organized by ComScore, took place on December 2nd. If you missed it, don’t worry: by clicking on this link you can download all of the information and get up-to-date on the presentations that were given at the event.

If you want to access other similar presentations, you can find them at this link.

Happily Ever After

Tati Lopez

It’s not all work in the digital industry. At the end of December I was in Miami for the wedding of Tatiana Lopez (current Global Business Manager at Facebook) to Igor Zeljic.
I’ve known Tati for many years now, as both of us worked at Fox. Of course, I couldn’t miss this grand event, held on the 50th floor of the Viceroy Hotel.

At the event, I was lucky to run into friends from the digital industry in Miami and from México (who now work at Facebook, Twitter, Havas and Starcom), and we danced, caught up and talked about everything but work.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness! I couldn’t leave this bit of news out as we close 2015: the digital world connects us with people with which we share much more than professional experiences.

And that is all for now. Happy New Year, everyone!



Portada Staff

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