What: Latin America Audience Marketplace DataXpand has selected data management platform Lotame to power its marketplace.
Why it matters: Lotame will help bring Dataxpand audience data and drive ROI for brands targeting audiences in Latin America, Europe and the US.

lotameDATADataXpand, the Latin American Audience Data Marketplace has selected   Lotame,the independent data management platform (DMP), to power its data marketplace.

This partnership will enable DataXpand to offer its audience data for Latin America, Europe and the US, where it already has a relationship with publishers, through Lotame to help drive ROI for brand and performance campaigns.

Buyers can also build rich profiles of the user by purchasing demographic and psychodemographic datasets from leading data providers such as DataXpand.DataXpand´s audience groups are based on demographic , language and online behavior, including how consumers browse, search and demonstrate interest in products and services.

Thanks to this partnership, Lotame DMP clients can access DataXpand`s audience segments for their branding and performance campaigns.

DataXpand´s audience data will most probably help brands innovate and improve brand recognition, response rates and conversion.

“Through DataXpand’s exclusive relationships with publishers, our clients are able to access high-quality, hyper local audience data through the DataXpand Audience Data Marketplace for better targeting,” said Kevin Kohn, CRO at Lotame.


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