Corporate America Embraces Spanishlanguage Websites

Corporations are launching Spanish-language websites at an increasing pace (see box below). Several translations and technology companies are profiting from this trend.

With more Hispanics accessing the internet everyday, more and more companies are launching Spanish-language websites to cater to them.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) just launched their re-vamped Spanish language website to provide important information to patients and to inform Hispanics of issues that are of particular concern to them.

On the financial side, banks and mortgage lenders are also following suit by launching Spanish-language websites and hotlines. Ameriquest has a fully-navigable Spanish-language version of its website, as well as Spanishspeaking operators on hand to assist Hispanic customers.

With the increased demand, some entrepreneurs are building businesses out of website translation. The South Florida-based Motionpoint ( ) describes itself as “a technology company that provides corporations, government, and e-commerce organizations with a range of multi-lingual consumer communication services for their online business operations.” Their clients include Sears Optical, Puma North America, and a host of clients located in South Florida, where demand for their service is predictably high.

Hispanic Digital Network, a company that sells advertising on Hispanic newspaper websites announced a deal with Diario Las Americas, the first daily newspaper to be a part of its network.

Diario Las Americas, The Miamibased daily (The Americas Publishing Company, Spanish, Circ. 70,000), is announcing the roll-out of a Spanishlanguage news and entertainment website to serve Spanish-dominant Latinos. Deputy Editor and Publisher Alejandro J Aguirre stated that the website will be an interactive user experience distinct from their print brand.

The launch is a two-phase effort. During phase one, users will be able to access late-breaking news, real-time weather reports, and rich media advertising formats with geo-targeting capabilities. Phase two will consist of paid searchable archives, a user registration system, online classifieds and more.

The website was produced in conjunction with Hispanic Digital Network (HDN), which currently hosts 74 Hispanic publication websites. HDN handles all online advertising sales for its member publications.