Copa America Ad Sales according to ESPN, Facebook and Futbol Sites

Copa America, taking place in Chile from June 11 until July 4 with the participation of soccer giants Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico is the main international soccer event being played in the Americas this year. We asked several executives at mostly panregional media properties how they have been selling advertising into Copa America.

An executive of a major Uruguayan newspapers says that in Uruguay, between June and July, there are  only two topics that are spoken about: Copa America and “La Celeste” (the Uruguayan National Soccer Team). “Soccer in Uruguay is the first sport, and the most popular,” he says. And that is how Copa America is lived in most Latin American countries.

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alfonso.cueto.espnAlfonso Cueto, Sr. Director Multimedia Sales at ESPN Latin America (photo), tells Portada that  ESPN had success selling its game around the game surround coverage, both locally and panregionally. “Due to our strong coverage both within our studio shows as well as our digital platforms, ESPN continues to be a go to source for both fans and advertisers. ESPN Miami did have significant success while launching activations with Mastercard, Gatorade, Courtyard Marriott, and Kia (Social).”

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Adriana.Grineberg_FBAdriana Grineberg, Head of Operations at Facebook Miami, notes that massive events, such as Copa America, bring opportunities for advertisers on Facebook. “It’s all about people,” she notes. Copa America and soccer events in general are popular. “We see many advertisers leveraging the opportunity to connect to people interested in soccer and associating their message to that. The interesting thing is that brands have the ability to communicate with different people in different ways, it’s much more than the demographic targeting, we recognize who loves soccer, like it, or not, and it’s surprising to see how many women love soccer in Latin America!”  Grineberg sees  Consumer Goods, Finance and Automotive as the strongest categories.

Local Market Action

Federico Grinberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Latin American and U.S. Hispanic network of websites Futbol Sites, tells Portada that  most advertiser action has been for local markets. “In local markets, the majority of the brands that are activating are the ones linked with soccer. Of those who are sponsors of Copa America we can highlight mainly Claro, MasterCard and Coca-Cola. The rest of Copa America sponsors have not had too much activity. From a regional perspective there has been very little planning for Copa America; these actions have been clearly for local markets.”