ClickDiario Launches

Major Latin American site representation company ClickDiario has just announced the launch of its new lead generation website The move makes ClickDiario the first company to target both U.S. Hispanics and Latin Americans with co-registration services.

Co-registration, the process by which a website's visitor chooses not only to opt-in for that website's goods or services, but also for those of a partner company, is a sector in which annual advertising expenditures exceed %1 billion, according to the IAB.

Jacques Hart, Vice President of Sales for ClickDiario says the decision to launch was a response to overwhelming advertiser demand to reach both U.S. and Latin American Hispanics. “Another thing that we saw was that the big Hispanic online destinations, like Univision, Batanga, and the others were focusing primarily on branding themselves. So we saw the opportunity to get in there and let it be known that we could deliver real users.” Hart illustrates his comments by pointing out that ClickDiario generated over 3,000 leads in a week to Hewlett Packard. They are also currently working with the U.S. Army.