City Guides and Entertainment Magazines Flourish in Latin American Travel Market

International publishers are tapping into the bonanza of the current Latin American travel boom. Time Out, the UK-based city and entertainment guides publisher, publishes Time Out Buenos Aires, four times a year in Spanish. In addition, it publishes the Time Out Buenos Aires Visitor’s Guide – an English-language, magazine format publication, exploring the best of the city's eating, sightseeing, shopping and nightlife – and a guidebook about the Argentinean capital, Time Out also publishes a Rio de Janeiro guidebook as well as a Patagonia guidebook.

Targeting Gay Travelers

Gay Travelers tend to have a high purchasing power. It is estimated that approximately 20% of foreign travelers in Argentina are gay. Several companies cater to this audience.

Travelgay is an Argentinean website targeting the Gay Travelers. The company also publishes a foldable map with a circulation of 35,000 that is distributed in restaurants and shopping centers in Buenos Aires. Gay-friendly establishment have the option to advertise in the map.

G-Maps360 is another company that produces Gay Maps in Buenos Aires and Miami. The company also has a website where it features listings for hotels, restaurants and other establishments.

More promising was the company's entry into New York, where it formed a partnership to launch Time Out New York in 1995. Despite competition from such rivals as The Village Voice, Time Out New York caught on quickly. By the end of the nineties, the U.S. magazine had outpaced its London forerunner, with a circulation of more than 125,000(circ. 85,000).

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