Along with growth, some panregional publishers discussed the changes in the Latin American market and how their publications have adapted. According to Nils Strandberg, panregional business, including publishing, has become much more sophisticated and less dependent on decision makers in the United States. “Five years ago, all of the decision making was done out of Miami. Today our client might be in Sao Paolo, his ad agency in Mexico and the ad buy is in Miami.”

Strandberg also sees an increased demand for panregional business pubs to be both regional and local (national) in content. “América Economía has regional editions and country specific editions with local offices in these countries. The publication has always included about half local and half regional advertising, so we haven't had to change organizationally in order to meet the demand by local and international companies to target specific countries.” Michael Zellner, Latin Trade publisher, does not see his magazine becoming more local (national). “The majority of our advertising is panregional and our ad revenues are growing.”

Carrie Barnes


Portada Staff

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