Buying Latin American and U.S. Hispanic Advertising together

Media properties like Televisa Publishing, Terra, Starmedia, Selecciones and others that sell to both U.S. Hispanic and Latin American advertising buyers often wish they could talk to the same agencies. However, this has often not been the case as decision-makers are frequently based in each local market. Furthermore, even the agency that buys panregional (for all Latin American countries) tends to be a different one compared to the one that buys for U.S. Hispanic. However, San Antonio based Bromley recently planned both a panregional and U.S. Hispanic campaign for one of its brands, Reynolds Wrap.

Bromley Communications created an ad campaign for Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil Aluminum Foil to reach out to U.S. Hispanics, as well as cooks in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Panama. Television and radio spots were launched in October and will continue through December. The commercials are airing in Houston, Miami and Los Angeles. Print was not part of the initial launch but could be considered in the future, representatives of Bromley told Brandweek.

Miami-based Zubi Advertising also manages some accounts that have both a panregional and U.S. Hispanic component. Could this be the beginning of a new trend? With more and more Latin American media properties setting up shop in the U.S. (e.g. ), it certainly would be practical. In addition, while there are substantial differences in targeting a product towards the U.S. Hispanic market, compared to the Latin American market, there are also many similarities.