Burger King and Sony Entertainment have launched a new marketing campaign in Burger King´s Latin American Restaurant for the release of the movie “The Amazing Spiderman”.

The campaign includes promotions in the restaurants that will be available on the day that the movie is released in each country. Customers can pick up collectible items including cups, toys and themed desserts with their meals.

“We know our guests love movies and The Amazing Spiderman promises to be one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters”, said Jose R. Costa, vice president marketing for Latin America/Caribbean Region, Burger King Corp

Collectible cups will be available in both kid and adult sizes in Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador and Brazil. Kids cups will also be available in Uruguay, Costa Rica, St Lucia, Curacao, Bahamas, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama and Jamaica. Special Sundae will be available in the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Suriname, Puerto Rico and Honduras. Mexico will be the only country in the region to feature special Spiderman toys for kids.


Portada Staff

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