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Breaking Ads México: Sony Play Station 3, Purina and Marriott Hotels & Resorts ::: Premium Content :::


Breaking Ads Mexico, presented by Portada and Media Economics Group, today analyzes a selection of Mexican digital campaigns active in  June. The advertising campaigns were tracked through Media Economics Group´s MexicoWebMonitor™. Below are digital campaigns from Sony Play Station, Purina and Marriott Hotels & Resorts.

Sony Play Station 3


Advertiser: Sony Corporation

Campaign: “The Last of Us”

Language: Spanish

Description: Latin America pan-regional campaign for The Last of Us – a survival horror action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3.  Worldwide release on June 14.

Sites:,,,,, Starmedia Mexico, (from Mexico), Yahoo! Mexico.

Servers: (MediaMind), (MediaPlex),



Advertiser: Nestle S.A.

Campaña:   “Cat Chow” (

Language: Spanish

Description: Purina “Cat Chow” campaign for Mexico.  Purina also running campaign for “Dog Chow” (

Sites:, (from Mexico),, Starmedia Mexico

Servers:, (Microsoft Advertising)


Marriott Hotels & Resorts


Advertiser: Marriott International, Inc.

Campaign: Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Language: Spanish

Description: Marriott Hotels & Resorts Latin America campaign



Source: Media Economics Group, MexicoWebMonitor™. For more information please call: 1 (704) 841-2030.

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