A new selection of “Breaking ads Mexico” as tracked by  MexicoWebMonitor™,  a service of Media Economics Group. The campaigns were active between 27 of august and 2 of september of 2012. Below digital campaigns from Tupperware, Banamex, Palmolive and Grupo Modelo.


Advertiser: Tupperware Brands Corporation

Campaign : TutiendaTupperware.com

First date captured: 29/08/12

Language: Spanish

Description: Tupperware consumer micro-site (TuTiendaTupperware.com) in Mexico featuring product info, videos, recipes, etc.  Ads feature tagline “Tupperware Contigo”.

Site: Batanga.com (from Mexico), Vanidades.com (Mexico)

Landing Page: http://tutiendatupperware.com


Advertiser: Banco Nacional de Mexico, S.A. (Banamex)

Campaign: Banamex “Best Buy Nueva Tarjeta De Credito”

First date captured: 30/08/12

Language: Spanish

Description: Best Buy branded Banamex credit card.  Special features and benefits include bonus “Reward Zone” points, Best Buy coupons, 0% interest.

Site: Chilango.com

Landing Page: http://www.banamex.com/es/personas/tarjetas_credito/ver_tarjetas/autoservicios/bestbuy.htm


Advertiser: Colgate-Palmolive Company

Campaign: Palmolive “The Naturals – Siente Tu Piel y Tu Alma Cantar” Concurso

First date captured: 31/08/12

Language: Spanish

Description: Contest promoting “The Naturals” Palmolive brand.  Contestants submit digital video of themselves signing and dancing.  Participants can promote their video to friends on Facebook and request “votes”.  Four finalists will form group :The Naturals” for one year, record 4 original songs, and record a video.

Site: EnFemenino.com, Starmedia Mexico

Landing Page: http://yosoythenaturals.com

Grupo Modelo

Advertiser: Grupo Modelo, S.A. de C.V.

Campaign: Grupo Modelo “Beertual Challenge 6” Concurso

First date captured: 30/08/12

Language: Spanish

Description: Grupo Modelo sponsored “Juego de Negocios” (business simulation) managing a virtual beer company “Beertual.” Make financial, marketing, distribution, etc. decisions during simulation.  Prizes include graduate nusiness degree programs at  ESCP Europe Business School, CEU de Madrid, España, and IEB de Madrid, España.

Site: MedioTiempo.com (Mexico), TuAviso.com.mx

Landing Page: http://www.beertualchallenge.com/registry/inscripcion-equipo-estudiantes-simulador-beertual-challenge-6.php?digitalid=X6BC33


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