A new selection of "Breaking ads Mexico" as tracked by  MexicoWebMonitor™,  a service of Media Economics Group. The campaigns were active between 30 of July and 5 of August. Below digital campaigns from Lala, HBO, Kraft and Tia Rosa.


Advertiser : Grupo LALA, S.A. de C.V.
Campaign : Lala "Nuevo Envase Lala Protect"
First date captured : 30/07/12
Language : Spanish
Description : Lala "Protect" new packaging for milk products intended to improve freshness of product.
Site : AztecaDeportes.com


Advertiser : Time Warner, Inc
Campaign : HBO “The Newsroom”
First date captured : 30/07/12
Language : English/Spanish
Description : New drama on HBO “The Newsroom”
Site : CNNExpansion.com


Advertiser : Kraft Foods, Inc
Campaign : Kraft “Philadelphia Cream Cheese – Pregúntale a Yaz”
First date captured : 02/08/12
Language : Spanish
Description : Olympic themed ads for Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese; ads resolve to Philadelphia.com.mx “Preguntale a Yaz” section.
Site : EsMas.com, Mx.Hola.com

Tia Rosa 

Advertiser : Grupo Bimbo, S.A.
Campaign : Tia Rosa “Tortillinas” (Tortillinas.com)
First date captured : 31/07/12
Language : Spanish
Description : Olympic themed campaign for Tia Rosa “Tortillinas” brand tortillas (Grupo Bimbo). Ads resolve to both Tortillinas Facebook page as well as Tortillinas.com
Site : AztecaDeportes.com, ESPNDeportes.com (from Mexico), TV Azteca (Mexico)


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