A new selection of “Breaking Ads Mexico” as tracked by MexicoWebMonitor™, a service of Media Economics Group. The campaigns were active between the 19 and 25 of november of 2012. Las campañas escogidas a través de MexicoWebMonitor™ fueron de Fanta, Chevrolet, Sprite y Persil.


Advertiser: Coca-Cola Company

Campaign: Fanta “Amigos Irresistibles”/Facebook.com

Language: Spanish

Description: Fanta Facebook App “Amigos Irrestistibles”. Using the App, you can recignize your friends virtually as “best of” in various categories such as Music, Look, etc.

Sites: Batanga.com (from Mexico), EsMas.com (Mexico), Juegos.com, MetroFlog.com (from Mexico), Musica.com (from Mexico), TelevisaDeportes.com (Mexico)


Advertiser: General Motors Corporation

Campaign: Chevrolet Trax

Language: Spanish

Description: Chevrolet Trax is the new GM mini SUV/subcompact crossover launched in the 2013 model year in most markets (except the U.S.)

Sites: EnFemenino.com, TelevisaDeportes.com (Mexico)


Advertiser: Coca-Cola Company

Campaign: Sprite “Rafaga Experience” Concurso

Language: Spanish

Description: Participate and demonstrate your talent in “Rafaga Experience” basketball events throughout Mexico. The best participants video’s will be published and voted on. Winners will have the chance to play for Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in the Houston 2013 NBA All-Star Game.

Sites:ESPNDeportes.com (from Mexico), TelevisaDeportes.com (Mexico), Terra.com.mx


Advertiser: Henkel Corporation

Campaign: Persil “Embajadoras Persil” Concurso

Language: Spanish

Description: Embajadoras Persil contest – upload video to YouTube explaining why Persil detergent is the most effective in Mexico and share link to video on Persil Facebook page. The 10 videos with most likes will have a chance to win a washing machine.

Sites: CosmoenEspanol.com (Mexico), Diario.com.mx, EsMas.com (Mexico), Gusanito.com (U.S.), MedioTiempo.com (Mexico), Mx.Hola.com, Prodigy.MSN.com, Terra.com.mx, Vanidades.com (Mexico).

Source: Media Economics Group, ColombiaWebMonitor™. For more information call 1 (704) 841-2030.


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