Breaking Ads Colombia:, FOGAFIN y DirecTV ::: Premium Content:::

Portada and Media Economics Group present a new article of Breaking Ads Colombia with the analysis of the campaigns of, FOGAFIN and DirecTV. The digital advertizing campaigns were active during January and April, 2014. They were tracked with ColombiaWebMonitor™ technology.


Advertiser:  R360 S.A.S.

Campaign: “”

Language: Spanish

Description: Online news site by R360 S.A.S.

Sites: (from Colombia),,,, Starmedia Colombia,

Server: (GoogleAdSense)




Advertiser: Fondo de Garantías de Instituciones Financieras (FOGAFIN)

Campaign: “Depósito Seguro”

Language: Spanish

Description: Deposit insurance institution for banking system in Colombia.

Sites: (Colombia),

Servers: (Smart AdServer),



Advertiser: DirecTV, Inc.

Campaign: “Win Sports”

Language: Spanish

Description: Win Sports channel $0 DirecTV subscription offer and contest for World Cup in Brasil.

Sites:, (from Colombia),,,, Starmedia Colombia,

Server: (GoogleAdSense)

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