Portada and Media Economics Group present a new article of Breaking Ads Colombia with the analysis of the campaigns of LAN, Toshiba and LG Electronics. The digital advertizing campaigns were active during January and February, 2014. They were tracked with ColombiaWebMonitor™ technology.



Advertiser:  Latam Airlines Group

Campaign: “Maraton de KMS”

Lenguage: Spanish

Description: Mileage promotion (“Maraton de KMS”) for Lan Airlines customers who are Visa LanPass cardholders.

Sites: CanalRCN.com (Colombia), Caracol.com.co

Servers: e-Planning.net, GoogleSyndication.com (GoogleAdSense)



Advertiser: Toshiba Corporation

Campaign: “Encore Tablet”

Lenguage: Spanish

Description: Toshiba “Encore Tablet” running Windows 8.

Sites: ElTiempo.com (Colombia), RincondelVago.com (Colombia)

Server: GoogleSyndication.com (GoogleAdSense)

LG Electronics


Advertiser: LG Electronics Inc.

Campaign: “Carrera de la mujer”

Lenguage: Spanish

Description: LG Ultra HDTV (formato de anuncios: Flash expandible).

Site: Yahoo! Colombia

Server: e-Planning.net

Source: Media Economics Group, ColombiaWebMonitor™. For more information please call: 1 (704) 841-2030.


Portada Staff

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