Portada and Media Economics Group present a new selection of digital campaigns from Colombia. Breaking Ads Colombia features a selection of digital campaigns in the country of the second week of August.

Below the detailed campaigns of Kia Colombia, Sony Pictures Entertainment and CaracolTV.com.

Kia Colombia


Advertiser: Kia Motors

Campaign: “5 años de Garantia”

Language: Spanish

Description: Kia Motors “5 años de garantía” campaign.

Site: CanalRCN.com (Colombia)

Server: e-Planning.net

Sony Pictures Entertainment



Advertiser: Sony Corporation

Campaign: “Son Como Niños 2” Movie (“Grown Ups 2”)

Language: Spanish

Description: “Grown Ups 2” movie in Colombia and Mexico.

Sites: Colombia.com, ElDiario.com.co, ElHeraldo.com.co, LaOpinion.com.co

Server: GoogleSyndication.com


Caracol TV


Advertiser: Caracol TV

Campaign: “Una Maid en Manhattan”

Language: Spanish

Description: Telemundo’s “Una Maid en Manhattan” telenovela launch on CaracolTV in Colombia.

Sites: CaracolTV.com (Colombia), Cromos.com.co, ElEspectador.com (Colombia)

Server: e-Planning.net



Source: Media Economics Group, ColombiaWebMonitor™. For more information: 1 (704) 841-2030.


Portada Staff

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