Portada and Media Economics Group present a new selection of digital campaigns from Colombia. Breaking Ads Colombia features a selection of digital campaigns in the country between the last week of June and the first of July.

Below the detailed campaigns of Gana.com.co, Reeds Dry and Pony Malta.



Advertiser: Grupo Antioqueño de Apuestas

Campaign: “Completa tu suerte”

Language: Spanish

Description:”Completa tu Suerte” is a new lottery promotion fo Julu and August from Gana Colombia

Sites: Caracol.com.co, RadioAcktiva.com

Server: GoogleSyndication.com

Pony Malta


Advertiser: Bavaria S.A.

Campaign:”La Zona Pony Malta – El Hombre de Acero” Sorteo (Zonapony.com)

Language: Spanish

Description: Pony Malta contest with “El Hombre de Acero”(Man of Steel) movie tie-in.  Complete “Missions” and upload pictures to ZonaPony.com site for a chance to win a trip to Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles.

Sites: Colombia.com

Server: mdn.net (DoubleClick)


Redd’s Beer

dryAdvertiser: SABMiller plc.

Campaign: “Dry”

Language: Spanish

Description: AmpliaTuMundo.com website for Redd’s Dry beer.  Redd’s is aimed at males and females in the 18- to 34-year-old market and has a crisp, clean, apple taste.  The “Dry” version has a slightly higher alcohol content than the “Original” version (5.0% vs. 4.5%).

Sites: CanalRCN.com (Colombia), Colombia.com, ElHeraldo.com.co, Soho.com.co

Servers: digital.Semana.com, e-Planning.net, mdn.net (DoubleClick)






Source: Media Economics Group, ColombiaWebMonitor™. For more information please call: 1 (704) 841-2030.


Portada Staff

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