Breaking Ads Colombia – Colombia Webmonitor: Chocolate Corona,, UNE Empresas

A new selection of “Breaking Ads Colombia” as tracked by  ColombiaWebMonitor™,  a service of Media Economics Group. The campaigns were active between october 22 and november 4 of 2012. Below digital campaigns from Chocolate Corona, and UNE Empresas.

Chocolate Corona
Advertiser: Compañía Nacional de Chocolates S.A.S.
Campaign: Chocolate Corona “Comparte tus Buenos Momentos” Concurso
Language: Spanish
Description: Share your favorite moments with Corona hot chocolate by uploading stories and pictures. Ten winners per week will win a debit card with a calue of Col$1,000,000.
Site: (Colombia)
Advertiser: America Movil
Language: Spanish
Description: is an online music store (created to rival iTunes) targeting listeners in Latin America.  Created by Telcel in partnership with Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music and EMI Music.
Site: (Colombia),


UNE Empresas
Advertiser: EPM Telecommunicaciones, S.A.
Campaign: UNE Empresas “Calendario UNE 2013” Concurso
Language: Spanish
Description: Participate by designing a calendar page (one entry per month will win) for the 2013 UNE Empresas Calendar,

Source: Media Economics Group, ColombiaWebMonitor™. For more information call 1 (704) 841-2030.