Portada and Media Economics Group introduce the second selection of digital Argentinean campaigns. Breaking Ads Argentina is one of our series Breaking Ads Mexico, Breaking Ads Colombia and Breaking Ads US Hispanics Mobile.

The campaigns were tracked through ArgentinaWebMonitor™ between February and today. Below we present Cepita del Valle, Carrefour and Kia Sorento ads.

Cepita del Valle


Advertiser: Coca-Cola Company

Campaign: “Nutridefensas”

Language: Spanish

Description: Boxed juices for kids; Nutridefensas contain added vitamins C, E and Zinc to boost and protect immune system.

Sitios: Ar.Yahoo.com

Servidores: ads.yldmgrimg.net, mi.adinterax.com



Advertiser: Carrefour, S.A.

Campaign: “Feria de frescos”

Language: Spanish

Description: Fresh foods (bread, meats, seafood, fruits & vegetables, etc. sales event at Carrefour supermarkets.

Sites: Ar.MSN.com, Clarin.com, Terra.com.ar

Servers: ads2.msads.net (MSN Ad Server), ced.SAScdn.net (Clarin.com), GoogleSyndication.com (Terra.com)


Kia Sorento


Advertiser: Kia Motors

Campaign: “Los Coors” Promoción

Language: Spanish

Description: Kia Sorrento promotion – register on Kia Motors Argentina Facebook page to win tickets to DreamWorks “Los Croods”  (“The Croods”) animated movie premiere.

Sites: LaNacion.com.ar

Servers: e-planning.lanacion.com


Fuente: Media Economics Group, ArgentinaWebMonitor™. Más información en el teléfono: 1 (704) 841-2030.


Portada Staff

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