Panasonic launched a “Flag Tag” app as part of its Olympics marketing activity.

To support the London 2012 Olympic Games, Panasonic created a digital face-painting app for Facebook and mobile devices, which allows users to emblazon their flag onto their social media profile to show which team they are supporting.

The app will allow people to support their nation's athletes by using "Flag tags," a flag graphic that can be superimposed over the user's picture.

Users can upload their customised photo to their profile page and share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter and social networks.

The app is devised by Brave, Panasonic´s creative agency. It is being rolled out in more than 10 languages, with more than 20 different flags.

“We wanted to find a way of combining tradition and innovation to express what the 2012 Olympics is all about,” says Brave digital director Carl Gonsalves. “With Flag Tags, Panasonic can encourage people around the world to pledge support for their team by decorating their face in national colours and dedicating their social profile to the chosen team.”

This app is a new action for the Panasonic´s Olympics marketing activity. Last October, Brave also created a TV spot 'see it like never before'. The 30-second commercial sees a gymnastics beam routine performed on one of Panasonic’s TVs, with a voiceover by the British actor Tom Hardy (Inception, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Bronson), who has been signed up as the "voice of Viera".

The campaign also featured on online media, in print and in-store.


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