Original Penguin by Munsingwear has launched its first global social media-based marketing campaign across an especially dedicated YouTube channel along with Facebook and Twitter pages.

The campaign, from independent advertising agency La Comunidad, is centered on the legendary Original Penguin Jacket and inspired by its incredible story of being rediscovered after 40 years. 

Promoting a conversation between the brand and its fans through an iconic symbol of its past, the Jacket’s social media profiles host multi-media content  including photos, videos and commentary updated on a daily basis.

The Adventures

Original Penguin and La Comunidad have created a video series of the Jacket’s adventures.

The first installment, “Big World, One Jacket,” offers glimpses into the Jacket’s envy-making past,

Other installments follow the escapades of the Jacket as it travels the world:

· Girls, Girls, Girls—An updated twist on Stardust filled memories of classic Las Vegas.

· Triángulo del Diablo—A thrilling adventure across the Bermuda triangle.

· Hot Rope –A tribute to the classic cars of yesteryear.

· Shaken, Not Stirred –A cocktail created with an Original Penguin twist.

· Hello Detroit—Bringing the Motor City back to its glory days.


Portada Staff

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