Marketing to LatAm: Giovanni Bojanini campaign – Argentina

To support the brand’s positioning and generate brand awareness in Argentina, the Giovanni Bojanini hair center launched a new print and radio campaign that uses one of the most recognizable icons in the world— the smiley face.

Under the claim “Sonreí, vas a recuperar tu pelo” (Smile, you’re going to get your hair back), the hair center seeks to convey the message that its non-invasive treatment for alopecia can help anyone grow their hair back and be happy.

The campaign was developed by ad agency Tamura and the IMedios agency, and was executed through print ads in magazines and PNTs on radio. Each media had its own dedicated creative.

Campaign team

Agency: Tamura
Advertiser: Giovanni Bojanini
Theme: Sonreí, un problema menos en tu cabeza (Smile, one less problem to worry about)
General Creative Director: Robert Scaramal
Creative Director: Santiago Vila
Account Director: Ignacio Pérez Vidal
Copywriter: Manolo Catalán
Art Director: Esteban Karmel
Advertiser handler: Fernando Mallet

About the hair center

Annual turnover of $30 million.  Operates 21 branches in various Latin American countries, including Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela.  Launched operations in Argentina, to be followed by Spain

Patients: Over 100,000

Translated by Candice Carmel