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Marketing to LatAm: Concha y Toro launches mobile sites



In late March, winery Concha y Toro launched mobile sites for its premium labels Don Melchor, Marques de Casa Concha, and Gran Serie Riberas. The company’s brand has a presence in 135 markets and hopes to reach a wider audience through the new mobile sites, said Carla Errázuriz, Assistant Manager for Marketing, in an interview with Portada.

The launch of the new mobile sites was not accompanied by any kind of advertising campaign. “All we did was alert some media outlets,” said Errázuriz. The brand does not work with advertising agencies and does all its media planning and buying in-house.

As for the winery’s ad spending, Errázuriz said that Concha y Toro invests a percentage of each label’s sales in advertising, but would not specify the amount.

The mobile sites were launched in several languages (Spanish, English, Chinese, Portuguese and French, depending on the label), and also include Store Locator sections.


Portada: What is Concha y Toro’s digital media strategy?

Carla Errázuriz: Concha y Toro has always been at the forefront and that is why we have launched our mobile sites. Consumers are increasingly using digital media to search for information, etc.

The global trend of using mobile devices to surf the web led us to make these mobile versions in order to connect users with our brand news, giving them access to our sites from any smartphone, and from any location.

Portada: What response have the mobile sites had since the launch?

Carla Errázuriz: The response has been very satisfactory. Our website visits have increased, as well as visits to all other Concha y Toro platforms. Site visits jumped 20% in just the first month since the release.


IMG_2585Translated by Candice Carmel



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