Best Practices: The Mars Campaign

In 2009 Mars came to MPG with the challenge of consistently executing a global platform throughout 11 markets in Latin America for their Pedigree brands, in support of Responsible Pet Ownership and Pet Adoption messages in an efficient and effective way.

Our solution was to develop a highly innovative and fully integrated platform that responded directly to their specific needs, and partner with a leading network – Discovery Group.  We leveraged all the resources available under Havas Media: MPG sought out the right media partner that would deliver the highest quality, Havas Entertainment co-produced the program and Media Contacts delivered on all of the digital components.

 By bringing all of these elements together, we created "Mi Perro Ideal." Mi Perro Ideal seamlessly incorporates Pedigree brand messages with the focus on a 30 minute Prime Time Reality TV Show airing throughout in 11 of Pedigree's major markets in Latin America. The episodes content is centered around showing families how to find their best friends in Pedigree certified dog rescue centers in the region. The various media components include:  

. 42 airings of 6 full reality TV shows filmed in two of Pedigree's core markets: Mexico & Colombia

 . A complete interactive digital platform

 . Casting calls

 . Emotional Vignettes

 . Teasers, Tune-Ins, Custom Billboards

 . Mi Perro Ideal Concept Spots

 . Press Releases and a Press Conference

 And by coordinating with MPG offices throughout the region, we ensured that these elements aired in complete coordination with local activities.   

 We leveraged the entire Discovery networks portfolio of channels to create the right message for the right audience. For instance, the emotional vignettes that aired on Discovery Kids were in sync with the channel's kid friendly programming. 

In the same way, the Emotional vignettes that aired on Discovery Channel were targeted to the action-adventure profile of the Discovery Channel viewer. By bringing all of our divisions together, and partnering with a high affinity and high efficiency network, the show has been ranked in ratings in the top position during the prime time slot, we anticipate over 67 million impressions and recent Millward Brown studies show Pedigree as a leader in pet adoption.

We are proud that we were able to help Pedigree effectively communicate the Pedigree option "brand message across multiple target groups to really drive home the message and deliver results for our client.