For today’s Marketer/Best Practices feature, we analyze Argentina’s Yogurteria La Serenisima’s fast growth and brand construction done for them by Zona IV.

Company: Danone/La Serenisima
Brand: Yogurteria La Serenisima
Product: Frozen Yogurt Ice-cream
Agency: Zona IV
Country: Argentina

Yogurteria La Serenisima is a brand owned by French company Danone and its local Argentinean partner La Serenisima, a leading Argentinean dairy product company which was founded by Antonino Mastellone and Teresa Aiello in 1929. With the new product (Frozen Yogurt Ice-Cream) Yogurteria La Serenisima is trying to conquer the niche market of low calorie frozen yogurt ice-cream with no fat. Retail distribution points are located in popular shopping malls in the Buenos Aires area.


This project started in February of 2011, when the first point of sale was opened in DOT Baires, a shopping mall constructed by real estate investor IRSA. Frozen Yogurt Ice-Cream competitors include Mr. Yogs, Yogurberry, Top It, Pinkfrost and Zog. The Know How to operate the retail business was provided by New Delicity, with whom Danone closed a deal before hand. Danone had already similar retail spaces in Spain in 2009. Zona IV, an advertising agency, helped with the implementation of branding related issues.

The yogurt market in Argentina has been growing. In 2003 Argentineans consumed 7.6 kg (approximately 16.5 pounds) of yogurt a year, in 2010 this ratio grew to 15 kg. (33 pounds) Consumption is expected to reach 20 kg (44 pounds) by 2013.

Strong social media presence
With a strong social media presence, Yogurteria La Serenisima has been able to position itself in the market rather quickly. To date, it has 5’952 fans in their facebook page, 493 followers on Twitter and 711 ‘likes’ on Foursquare. They have constant promotions on all of these sites, plus they add pictures of their products and chat with their consumers (example: asking them which are their favorite toppings).

5 retail venues in a year
After the success with the first venue in Dot Baires, Zona IV agency was called back to help build the 4 new venues located in Tortugas Mall, Abasto Shopping, Unicenter Shopping and Recoleta Mall.

According to Gonzalo Carbonell, Director of Zona IV, “helping to build 5 consecutive venues in one year was a big challenge. All the concepts that worked for  the first proposal were reused for the other stores, but were fine-tuned to take into account details related to each of the new spaces”.

Construction of (a healthy) brand
For brand building purposes, Zona IV focused on the healthy aspects of the product, as well as its good taste and overall quality. These features had to be translated into the physical attributes of the retail venues.  Materials and graphics in each point of sale show the colorfulness and flavor richness of the product. The creatives aim to a healthy low -calories, but also  tempting product. All the printed graphics have a white context, to encapsulate the freshness of yogurt and its most representative color.


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