Bloomberg Negocios plans to expand in U.S. Hispanic and Latam markets

The weekly Spanish language financial supplement Bloomberg Negocios is currently in discussions with potential carrier papers to expand circulation in both the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. Dylan Cohen team leader of newspaper relations at Bloomberg said it was too early to disclose the specifics of the deals. Bloomberg Negocios is currently distributed in La Prensa in Panama, La Segunda in Chile and will be distributed in La Nacional in Venezuela starting in September.

In the U.S. Hispanic market, Bloomberg Negocios is carried by El Nuevo Herald (Knight Ridder, daily, circ. 90,000, Spanish) in Miami. Cohen says Bloomberg Negocios competes with TWSJ Special Editions mostly in the U.S. Hispanic market. In Latin America, TWSJ is a daily supplement, while Bloomberg Negocios is a weekly. Cohen emphasizes the differences between the publications. “Ours is a creation from scratch, we're not derived from or connected a mainstream publication.” Also, unlike TWSJ Spanish language Special Editions, Bloomberg Negocios is a content only service which allows carrier papers to sell all their own advertising. “This means we're not competing with the carrier papers for advertising,” explains Cohen.