Ariadna Colombia is Diageo’s new digital agency

What: Led by Andres rodriguez, Ariadna Colombia will be Diageo’s new digital agency.
Why it matters: The agency will handle brands Johnnie Walker, Buchanan´s and Smirnoff Ice.

image001Digital agency Ariadna , led by Andres Rodriguez in Colombia, has been chosen to handle Diageo’s brands : Johnnie Walker,    Buchanan’s and Smirnoff Ice.

This partnership kicks off  a new era of innovation and creativity for both companies, thanks to Araidna’s digital offering and the renowned liquor company’s trajectory in the market.

“Receiving Diageo’s greater projection accounts challenge us with overcoming our past achievements, something I am sure we will accomplish with our highly-qualified staff and the vision the client has regarding digital, shared visions, challenges and desire, so definitely  this partnership will give much to talk about,” said Andres Rodriguez.