Included in its ongoing digital terrestrial television implementation, Argentina's national government developed the Audiovisual Technology Parks Program (PAT for its name in Spanish: Polos Tecnlógicos Audiovisuales), a project focused on generating content for DTT.

"The PAT Program is aimed at setting up and building production capacity for digital television content, promoting equal opportunities and shortening distances between provinces and regions," according to a document prepared by Argentina's DTT Advisory Council.

According to its proponents -among them President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Planning Minister Julio De Vido, the goal is to establish a regional interconnected network "capable of producing TV news and content" at a local and national level.

"To federalize production is not the same as federal content," says the document released by the government to explain how a network of Argentine national universities will be put together to give birth to "inclusive, entertaining and educational TV to achieve production diversity and plurality of voices."

According to national authorities, the program will include a research for development line to promote federal content production to be broadcast on provincial and local signals as well as on Argentina's Digital Television (ADT).

The program introduces a "nodes-based" system built by co-operatives and social organizations related to the audiovisual sector: audiovisual SMEs, independent production companies, community and public TV stations and local public bodies. These are expected to build on capacity, create new sources of employment and a local industry capable of exporting its content.

Source: TVmedianews


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