What? Apple has bought the social media company Topsy.
Why it matters? This is Apple’s second deal in less than a week after purchasing PrimeSense, an Israeli technology company.

Photo: licensed Creative Commons
Photo: licensed Creative Commons

The social media analysis company “Topsy” has been bought by Apple under a US $ 200 million deal. This suggests that Apple is aiming to expand its influence in the social media scope.

Topsy provides access to the “firehose” of every tweet that is generated on Twitter, and also indexes social networks including Facebook and Google+.

Apple could be considering using the data analytics for a variety of purposes, including a better placement of its products across social media.

Apple has been trying to make it easier for its customers to share photos, videos and news through its devices and directly to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The company’s effort in social media has previously spun around Ping, a music-based social network. However, the network failed by its’ unpopularity and was shut down.

Topsy ‘s purchase is Apple’s second deal in less than a week, after purchasing PrimeSense, an Israeli technology company that invented the 3D sensing technology in Xbox’s Kinect device.

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