America Economia Mixes Business with Pleasure

America Economia, a bi-weekly business magazine distributed throughout Latin America, and to a small number of readers in the United States, launched Luk magazine, a supplement which covers fashion, trends and travel. “We wanted to do something that was less focused on business, that spoke to other aspects of our readers' lives,” explained Veronica Lizama, Public Relations Director for America Economia.

The bilingual supplement (Spanish and Portuguese) targeting the ultra rich features translated content from The New York Times style section, as well as original content in both Portuguese and Spanish. Luk, a full-color glossy pub printed on thicker stock, is distributed as a piggy back to the existing publication. It is distributed to all of America Economia's just over 79,000 readers, most of whom are in Latin America. “About 1% of our readers live in the U.S.,” says Lizama. Luk was launched last November and will come out twice in 2006 in May and November. Advertisers in the premiere edition included Westin and Marriott Hotels, Hyundai, Hewlett Packard, and Piaget. Grupo Uno is America Economia's PR agency and is in charge of publicity for the new supplement, which may include a seminar on marketing to the ultra rich.