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Ambitious Colombians


Maxim Media, based in Bogotá, Colombia, wants to expand its presence in the US Hispanic market. Maxim's Revista Gym, a two year old monthly focusing on health and fitness centers, is already distributed in the U.S. by Miami based Spanish Periodicals, as well as in health clubs and gyms. Revista Gym costs US $3.50 and has a circulation of 65,000. A full page costs US $1,500 (CPM US $23.10).

Canes & Amigos, Maxim's six year old monthly magazine all about pets, is distributed in Colombia free of charge and has a circulation of 45,000 copies. A full page ad costs US $1,500 (CPM US $33.30). Maxim plans to distribute Canes & Amigos in US veterinary clinics and pet shops.

Maxim Media's most ambitious project is Bitácora Hispana, a multitarget magazine with information on immigration and Latin American countries. Set to be launched early this year in Central Florida and Miami, Bitácora will be available free of charge, and have a circulation of 25,000. A full page ad will cost US $1,500 (CPM US $60). Maxim Media wants to distribute Bitácora Hispana in doctors' offices and at points-of-sale with high Hispanic traffic.

Maxim Media is the result of a merger between Editorial Grafil and León Publicidad, an advertising agency which provides photographic and editorial content to the venture.

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