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Ale Fishman: IAB & Yahoo! “there is no need to be radical but we should go along with the shift to programmatic buying”

At the 2014 IAB Now, Portada interviewed Alejandro Fishman, president of this organization and managing director of Yahoo! Argentina. Mobile development in Argentina, content marketing and programmatic buying are this year's highlights, according to Alejandro.


At Argentina’s 2014 IAB Now, Portada interviewed Alejandro Fishman, president of IAB Argentina as well as managing director of Yahoo! Argentina.  Fishman shared his views on whether premium inventory will be ready for programmatic trading in Latin America, on the changing habits of LatAm’s Internet audiences, brands difficulties in adapting to mobile, Argentina’s digital market and more.

According to Fishman, mobile development in Argentina, content marketing and programmatic buying were the highlights of the 2014 IAB NOW Conference that took place last week in Buenos Aires.this year’s highlights. Key questions include: Will mainstream media be adapting to programmatic media buying? Will even Latin America’s digital media properties offering premium inventory for programmatic buys?  Fishman, who answers on behalf of Yahoo!, notes that “most inventories will be effectively available” for programmatic buying.

Getty Images Argentina/ Fotógrafo: Gabriel Rossi.
Getty Images Argentina/ Fotógrafo: Gabriel Rossi.

Portada: What can you highlight of this year IAB Argentina event?

Getty Images Argentina/ Fotógrafo: Gabriel Rossi.
Alejandro Fishman. Foto: Getty Images Argentina/ Fotógrafo: Gabriel Rossi.

Alejandro Fishman: “The idea, this year, was to do something were less stress is involved -with more networking opportunities. We also tried to integrate more content with entertainment. This year’s prominent themes are related to personification, mobile and content marketing. ”

“The audience wanted a change, we bring that change. Internet is about that, at least as we see it,” Fishman adds.

Portada: How would you describe the change in the audience?

Alejandro Fishman: “The audience is constantly changing and doing different things all the time. So, the main point is to work to grasp what the audience is really doing. We have to keep working on that. I believe the change lays in that people now want to get content at any time. They also want to be able to activate it or stop viewing anytime with total freedom and flexibility. That’s what is next. ”

Portada: What role should large multimedia conglomerate play in this new digital age?

Alejandro Fishman: “They need to adapt. I am also speaking from Yahoo!’s perspective. Yahoo! was a “computer first” company and now it is a “mobile first” company. Everything is planned for mobile and if something does not run on mobile, it is not done. This is reflected in all applications recently launched by Yahoo! They are all first released on mobile, tested on mobile, with the objective to reach a nice experience for mobile and only then made for PC. We must remember that content nowadays multiplies to all screens and multimedia has to adjust to that. They are already adapting and I think they are doing very well. ”

Portada: How do you think programmatic buying will evolve in relationship to Argentina largest media companies and media inventories (e.g. La Nación, Clarín, Infobae, etc)? Are they ready to offer their premium inventory to programmatic exchanges?

Alejandro Fishman: “I am answering from Yahoo’s perspective, since our company is making a big change in that direction.  Most of our inventory will be available for programmatic buying. And we will continue working to provide premium inventory for branding outside programmatic buying. It is necessary to adapt to the new programmatic dynamic. Advertisers  are interested in buying through this methodology. In my opinion, there is no need to be radical but to go along with this change. It is not one thing or the other. You can at the same time provide inventory for programmatic as well as to offer premium inventory for branding solutions. ”


Portada: Do you think brands are also adapting well to mobile?

Alejandro Fishman: “A little slower. But I think, just as Fernando Zerboni , professor at IAE, was saying on his talk, that they have not yet realized that there has been  a change. If nowadays everybody wants to see the content on their mobiles and tablets, the advertiser definitely should take that into account. There are e-commerce sites like Garbarino, Fravega, Mercado Libre, etc. , which are all very adapted to mobile and the experience is actually good. For instance, the Freddo ice-cream shops have an application to buy ice cream,  the advantage being that they tell you the exact delivery time and that does not fail. That is a clear example of knowing how to adapt and understanding how the consumer is changing. ”

Portada: Where do you see the main trends over the next 12 months?

Alejandro Fishman: “Programmatic buying and Content Marketing are this year’s main topics. Video is another very important subject. ”


Portada: How is Argentina’s economic and political situation impacting the country’s digital marketing industry? 

Alejandro Fishman: “It is impacting on absolutely every industry. The digital media industry is not isolated from what is happening in other industries like automotive, real estate, etc. Still, I do not think it’s going to be a bad year at all. Investment will continue to grow because the marketing and media sectors are undergoing deep structural changes. Many companies have already understood that they need to adapt to enormous changes in consumer habits. That definitely involves investments in digital media. Traditional broadcasting, as we know it, is increasingly being questioned. ”

Portada: What headwinds does the Argentine market the Argentine market lack in terms for further development of the digital marketing industry?

Alejandro Fishman: “Education. We need to educate the new generations at theuniversities and train new professionals to start working in companies with a whole new “mindset”.”


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