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Airlines Geotarget to Get out the Word

Use IPs and Latin AMerican papers to identify target customers.


Miami-based ad sales representation company Media Consulting Group works frequently with airlines looking to promote a new route that they are launching or to promote a route that is under-traveled that they want to publicize more.

“Travel advertising is an area that is perfectly suited to our geo-targeting capabilities, which allow us to determine a user’s location by their IP address,” says Media Consulting Group’s director of sales, Bruno Almeida. His company recently did a campaign to promote a route from  L.A. to El Salvador. “So what we did was we worked with a Salvadoran newspaper website and targeted those users whose IP’s were coming from L.A. and we delivered them the advertising,” says Almeida. After all, he says, someone who is in L.A. and is reading the Salvadoran paper online is likely interested in going to El Salvador from L.A. “It’s a great use of our segmenting abilities.”

Media Consulting Group also conducts email marketing campaigns to U.S. Hispanics who subscribe to newsletters from their home-country papers. “Basically, when they sign up for the newsletter, they are asked must fill out certain information such as nationality, age, sex, etc. This allows us to even further segment the paper’s readers and better serve advertisers looking to target specific groups of people. Of course the cost of a custom campaign is directly correlated with the degree of segmentation used.”

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