Advertisers Go After Online LatAm Newspaper Readers

As more and more Latin Americans living abroad access their home-countries' newspapers online, advertisers are recognizing the dual-opportunity to reach not only in-country readers, but also those living abroad. And this segment living abroad is substantial: For Argentina's daily newspaper Clarin, almost 25% of its readers reside out of the country.

Miami-based Media Consulting Group is one company offering pan-regional online newspaper buys to its clients.

One of its clients is Sony Ericsson, which does all handset product launches online with MCG. The six markets they go after in order of investment are: Brazil[O Globo], Mexico[El Universal], Argentina[Clarin], Chile[El Mercurio], Venezuela (El Nacional), and Colombia[El Tiempo]. In 2006, they did a year-long buy that included strong World Cup exposure and focused on Entertainment, Music and News sections.

HP is another big client of MCG and does different campaigns throughout the year. Typically they advertise either quarterly or bimonthly promoting 1 specific product. One recent campaign promoted their Easy Care Printer software that tracks ink and paper usage within the office. The markets they focused on in order of investment were: Brazil[O Globo], Mexico[El Universal], Argentina[Clarin], Colombia[El Tiempo], Chile[El Mercurio] and Peru[El Comercio].

In the financial realm, Citibank launched an online campaign seeking to enroll new credit card customers in four markets: Argentina[Clarin], Chile[El Mercurio], Peru[El Comercio] and Colombia[El Tiempo]. In addition to placing ads in the newspaper websites, Citibank also chose to do some keyword advertising using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).