Advertising Age, the publication and website owned by the Crain Group will soon be published in Spanish. Through a license deal with San Jose, Costa Rica headquartered publisher Grupo Cerca, the new publication will be published in five Spanish-speaking Central American Countries (Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador) and the Dominican Republic.

In addition, Grupo Cerca, plans to publish Ad Age in Puerto Rico within the next 18 months. The first issue is going to be published in late April and will have a circulation of between 15,000 and 17,000. Its frequency will be monthly. 50% of the content will be local, produced by Grupo Cerca, and 50% from AdAge’s U.S. and international editions.

Grupo Cerca publishes 4 magazines that are distributed in all Latin American countries: Mercados & Tendencias (Business), IT & Now (Information Technology), Construir (Construction) and Avant (Lifestyle). It also publishes custom magazines and hosts events.

Grupo Cerca also sells advertising to Central American based Advertisers into Televisa Publishing and Digital Publications. On the subscription marketing side, it also sells subscriptions of MC Graw Hills magazines (e.g. Business Week) to Central American based subscribers.

In 2007, Crain Communications, Inc. (CCI) announced that it was suspending operations of its two regional business publications, Crain's Mexico and Crain's Monterrey. Originally published as El Asesor de Mexico and El Asesor de Monterrey, the publications were purchased by Crain Communications in 2001. The bi-weekly newspapers, published in Spanish, covered the business communities of Mexico City and Monterrey,Mexico. At the time, Crain said that it would continue to publish in Latin America, primarily though the licensing of its US-based publications to regional publishers.

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