A new face for Ovaciones deportivo

Mexican sports newspaper Ovaciones>Deportivo (Editorial Ovaciones) was recently redesigned. Hugo Paez, COO of Editorial Ovaciones, tells Portada® that the main objective of the redesign is to target an audience with a higher purchasing power. “This way the quality of the services and products being advertised in the publication will rise.” The newspaper's circulation was increased by 20% to 144,000. A full page color ad costs 16,000 Mexican Pesos (US $1,455, CPM US $10.10). Casa Pedro Domecq Viana, a furniture store, Aero California, Telcel, Telefónica MoviStar and Ford are among the publication's main advertisers. The 56 year-old daily publication has 56 pages on Mondays, and 32 pages on the weekends.

…and a new paper.

Editorial Ovaciones also launched La Primera de Ovaciones this year. The daily newspaper (circ. 60,000) is distributed in Mexico City and 15 Mexican states, and includes sections on politics, personal finance, leisure & arts and international news. Interestingly, Editorial Ovaciones distinguishes between two types of advertisers: a political party and a company. If a political party (like the PRI or the PAN) wants to advertise, a full page costs 80,000 Mexican pesos (US $7273, CPM US $121.30). If a company wants to advertise the cost for a full page is 40,000 Mexican pesos (US $3,636, CPM US $61). Primera de Ovaciones costs 3 Mexican pesos (US $0.27).