A new project unveiled last month by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives shape to the nature of our globalized world by examining the telecommunication patterns of New York City with the rest of the world. The study—called the “New York Talk Exchange”—compares NYC’s inter-country communications with those of another preeminent metropolis—London—to see what differences could be discerned.
One of the major findings was that while London had close ties to the rest of Europe and the United States, the U.S. had greater reach into Latin American cities such as Bogotá, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo.
Apart from merely measuring the data in quantitative terms, the project presents it pictorially with a series of visualizations. The “World Within New York” image even breaks the data down by segmenting it into the micro-neighborhood level.
The import that such technology holds for the Hispanic marketing world is that it holds the promise of informing Hispanic marketing initiatives in a much more targeted manner. For instance, if one is looking at doing some out-of-home advertising targeting the Dominican market, this technology could aid in determining the optimal spot for placement.
While no commercial use has been sanctioned by the project’s leaders, the existence of such technological capabilities naturally suggests future commercial applications.
All maps from the New York Talk Exchange will be on exhibit at MoMA until May 12, 2008, and on the senseable city laboratory's web site: http://senseable.mit.edu/nyte.

Portada Staff

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