87seconds.com Launches New Video Production Collaboration Platform

87seconds.com, a start-up specializing in the production of explanation videos, announce today the launch of a new video collaboration platform.

There is a growing demand for animation videos as companies are searching for tools to explain in a clear and visually attractive way a business, a product, a project, etc. Equal to the task, Brussels-based start-up 87seconds.com has already created more than 45 videos in 6 different languages since the founding in August 2012.

87seconds.com’s new platform consists of an online tool that allows users to order short animation videos online. With the help of an easy-to-use interface and several templates and suggested formats, users have complete control over the design style, scenario, voice-over and music. After consulting with the client online on their communication strategy and their video intentions, an experienced team of designers at 87seconds.com produces the video according to the client’s vision.


“Companies big and small are all looking to reach and attract a clearly defined target audience through content creation and distribution. The essence of inbound marketing is to deliver consistent information to customers without proactively selling. Corporate explanation videos are clear-cut channels for distributing this information.”, according to the company.