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Why Marketing Experts Increased their OOH Advertising Budgets in 2022

Further to the effectiveness drop in digital advertising, the brands have bet on OOH advertising in 2022, increasing 17,6% compared to 2021.


Further to the effectiveness drop in digital advertising, the brands have bet on OOH advertising in 2022. According to, the revenue for out of home advertising has increased 17,6% when compared to 2021 and the growth rate is expected to be higher during the current year. Innovation, creativity, segmentation, flexibility and control are the competitive advantages offered by this media compared to other channels.

                                                                                                  Article provided by Portada partner WorldCom OOH
Although over the last decade the digital marketing channels have become the quickest and most innovative way to advertise, the effectiveness of the internet ads is decreasing. This drop is due to multiple factors. The excessive push on SEO marketing, the oversaturation of messages to catch the online users’ attention, the lack of trust of the consumer to social ads and the opportunities presented by the new trends such as the dynamic announcements, the mobile billboards in LED trucks and other interactive formats offered by the DOOH.

OOH advertising “allows the advertisers to reach their target in any situation because it intercepts the consumer wherever he is.  In addition to the variety of assets offered by this media, there are some disruptive elements that reinforce the communication, and very powerful measurement tools,” says Cesar Angulo, New Business Development Director for WorldCom OOH/Latcom. “In such way, Latcom Media Services gives our customers full control of their campaigns, from the loading of the brief to the reports delivery. One of the main differentials of this solution is that you can develop the best media plan in OOH because it allows optimization according to the customer’s goals. Thanks to LMS not only planning and execution are streamlined, but you can also count with detailed ROI and scope reports.”

Innovation Does Not Stop

The opportunities provided by OOH advertising are infinite and include classic billboards and MUPIs, LED screens with interactive advertising, murals, facilities in cinemas or airports and billboards in buses with smart devices that change in real time and with the localization of the advertisements according to demographic group.

And if there is something that makes this option even more attractive for planners are the accurate OOH media measurement systems, because of the availability of trustable tools including digital integration with promotional codes, QRs and landings. The metrics achieved from OOH allow quantifiable results, that could only be obtained in online campaigns.  This giant data ecosystem, also allows the advertisers to create more customized campaigns and to hyper segment according to very specific audiences.

OOH – and more specifically DOOH – is now able to provide brands with the confidence and the data to support successful media planning, giving them the ability to reach the consumers with relevant messages and to achieve a precise measurement of the results. To the channel omnipresence, with a wide variety of outdoor and indoor assets, it is added the accuracy of the results, the feedback from the audiences and the measurement in real time. Therefore, 2022 is the year when the brands double down to communicate in OOH.

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