69.2% of Hispanics read a Spanish-language magazine over the last 6 months, according to data by research firm MRI (see table below).

Magazines are the clear leader when it comes to media that demand “undivided attention”, a category to which neither radio or TV belong to. In fact, even among all media types, magazines have a higher ratio than radio and only a slightly lower one than TV.

Of course, the results are impacted by the fact that respondents were asked for different time frames they engaged with a particular media type (6 months for magazines, 7 days for radio, 30 days for website and TV).

The relatively low ratio for usage of Spanish-language online media seems to be in line with the fact that most Hispanics not online yet are Spanish-dominant.

Media usage of Spanish-dominant Hispanics


% of Hispanic and Spanish dominant that used media below

Read any Spanish Language Magazine, last 6 months


Radio: listened to any Hispanic format, last 7 days


Visited a Spanish Language website last 30 days


Television: watched a Spanish Language network last 30 days


Source: 2009 Doublebase Mediamark Research & Intelligence weighted to Population (000) – Base: All


Portada Staff

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