Wal-Mart Surpasses eBay in Online Retail Visitors

What: We looked at the top 15 online retail sites visited by shoppers in the US and how they scored in number of visitors in May 2018.
Why it matters: Wal-Mart’s hard-fought effort to build an online presence has put it ahead of eBay in the number of online visitors. The Bentonville, Arkansas brick-and-mortar retailer surged ahead of eBay by nearly 5,000 visitors in May, 2018. But the e-commerce behemoth Amazon still leads by nearly double the number of monthly online visitors compared to traditional retailer Wal-Mart.

Number of visitors to the Top 15 e-commerce sites in the US, May 2018
Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop 949,169
Site Total Unique Visitors
Amazon sites 204,743
Wal-Mart 119,117
eBay 104,619
Apple.com Worldwide sites 67,102
Target Corporation 61,115
The Home Depot 49,499
ETSY.com 46,891
Samsung Group 42,078
WISH.com 39,585
Lowes.com 38,635
Ticketmaster 37,395
Macy’s Inc 35,511
Wayfair 35,102
Best Buy sites 34,142
Kohls Corporation 33,372

[Source: comScore]

Key Insights

  • Amazon led the field with 21.5% of all online visitors in May
  • Wal-Mart (12.5% of all online visitors) and eBay (11%) are competing neck-in-neck to be Amazon’s closest online competitor
  • eBay dropped behind Wal-Mart by just under 5,000 visitors for a second-place finish
  • Apple took fourth place with 7% of all online visitors for the month
  • After Apple, Target took 5th place with 6.4% of all visits in May
  • Big-box Target has nearly double the visitors of Macy’s
  • Home Depot has powered ahead of Lowe’s by more than 10,000 monthly visitors in May, proving to be online shoppers’ favorite in the home improvement category