Travel Marketing Awards Winners: MasterCard Priceless Cities and Sandra Cires

During the 9th annual PortadaLat convention in Miami, which started yesterday, the winners to the Top Travel Marketing Campaign and “Viajero Inteligentewere revealed.

Determined by readers and an award jury of brand marketers of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI), Portada revealed the winner to its Top Travel Marketing Campaign Award:

Mastercard Priceless Cities/ Universal Mccann

Mastercard looked to develop an exclusive user Journey to drive card usage and preference by leveraging Priceless Cities and inspiring cardholders to experience travel in a different way, the Priceless way.

Also, the “Viajero Inteligente Award winner was revealed, who, in addition to the award, received a trip to Mexico.

Sandra Cires Art, YouTube Influencer

Doing collaborations with other influencers in Mexico helped Sandra Cires to grow her Youtube channel and learn a more human and successful approach to business partners.

We congratulate the winners for their awards.