Marketing to Millennials was a key issue discussed by major brand marketers during the Annual Multicultural & Diversity Conference organized by the Association of National Advertisers in Miami. Perhaps the general sentiment was best expressed when Wendy Clark SVP, Global Sparkling Brand Center at The Coca-Cola Company said “you can’t understand Milennials unless you understand Multicultural Millennials”.

Association of National AdvertisersMillennials consumption is dramatically changing the way National Advertisers market themselves.  Coca Cola’s Wendy Clark noted that “digital natives are changing the world.” As examples of how important the new digital native generation is, she said that 63% of Facebook’s audience checks in more than once a day into the social network. 1,000 selfies are being taken every second and there are 4 billion dailiy queries on Google.

If you can’t say it with a hashtag it is not concise enough.

Concise and in Context

Clark emphasized that in order to communicate effectively with the digital native Millennial, it is crucial to be concise and communicate in context: ” If you cant say what you intend to say in a hashtag it is not concise enough. It does not matter how good your content is if you don’t do it in context,” Clark concluded.



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